Knockout Collision Repair of Chico, Fast and Fair Auto Body Services

Knockout Collision Repair Professionals Always Deliver Fast and Fair Chico Collision Repairs

Knockout Collision Repair of Chico offers a range of services designed to bring your damaged vehicle back to pristine condition. The professionals we hire go the extra mile to make sure that your vehicle repair work is done with accuracy and timeliness. We provide you with free consultations and appraisals on your vehicle as well as towing services if needed. Our service team is dedicated to the principle of fast and fair collision repair work for every single customer. The mission of our entire shop is to exceed all of your expectations while providing top-notch work that will amaze you with the final result.
There is no better place in Chico to get all of your collision repair work done. We offer a range of services that include auto body painting, paint-less dent repair and frame straightening. From our paint-less dent repair work to offering help with insurance claims, we are here to assist you. We also have a community outreach program that includes Wheels to Prosper, which involves donating vehicles to families who lack basic transportation.

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  • Auto Body Painting
  • Classic Car Restoration
  • Collision Work
  • Collision Repair Services
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  • Custom Paint Work
  • Dent & Scratch Repair
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  • FREE Consultations
  • Hand Wash & Interior Wipe
  • Help With Insurance Claims
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  • Paint-less Dent Repair
  • Reconditioning
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  • And Much More!

Our Specialties

  • Award-winning Paint Work

    Auto Body Painting

    Our auto body painting team provides this critical service for all of our collision repair customers. We have a range of solutions for every auto body painting problem that your vehicle might display. The auto body painting technicians we employ have extensive qualifications to handle any job. No matter how big or small the damage to your vehicle, our auto body painting services can put the final touches on the body of your car. Great auto body painting work gives you the confidence to drive down the street in a great-looking vehicle once again.
  • Classic Car Restoration

    Classic Car Restoration

    Our car restoration team provides an exceptionally critical service for anyone with a vehicle that’s been in an accident. The equipment and trained professionals at our car restoration shop can handle the toughest cases. We craft a car restoration solution based on the specific damage done to your vehicle. The car restoration process might begin by dissembling the pieces of the vehicle, for example. It could become necessary to pull of the frame and restore it or apply techniques like media blasting or chemical stripping. The trim may need replacement, and smoothing out dents or waves is standard procedure for car restoration work. This car restoration work prepares the vehicle for the next step, which is auto body painting.

  • Collision/Accident Repair

    Collision Repair Services

    We can get your vehicle back into excellent condition even after an accident. We hire a team of skilled auto body professionals who really understand the repair process backwards and forwards. We offer efficient services that are accurate to ensure that the work is done correctly the first time. We have the proper equipment and trained professionals for every collision repair job. From the initial inspection of the vehicle to the final detailing, we get every job finished in a timely manner.
  • Frame Straightening & Unibody Repairs

    Frame Straightening

    Frame straightening specialists at our shop are always available to repair the damage to this part of the vehicle. Accidents can make it seem like your car is totaled, but its often possible to repair the frame by using special frame straightening equipment and techniques. Many vehicles will look like new after we complete the frame straightening process. Frame straightening may require an assessment and a complete evaluation, so get the frame straightening process started as soon as possible for the best results.
  • Insurance Claims

    Help With Insurance Claims

    Insurance claims forms are often experienced as a nightmare by our customers. This is why we offer essential help with insurance claims. If youre confused about the terminology used by your insurance company, you might need some of this help with insurance claims. There are many obstacles you might face when trying to get your insurance company to make payments, so we offer our clients effective help with insurance claims to get this paperwork processed as fast as possible. If you need help with insurance claims, just ask for it.
  • PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)

    Paint-less Dent Repair

    Reliable services for paint-less dent repair are offered at our shop. The paint-less dent repair process allows us to address the problem of dents, dings and other blemishes without painting the vehicle. Our paint-less dent repair professional uses special tools to get to the backside of the interior. This allows the technician to apply a variety of taps, presses and other forms of manipulation to the damaged area. This is done without affecting the paint, which is why we call it the paint-less dent repair technique.