Parking Lot Collision Guide and Tips

Parking lots can become highly congested and are a high-risk area for fender benders and other collisions. Although similar to other types of car accidents, parking lot collisions have a different set of rules and a different set of precautions. Even the smallest of obstacles and slowest of speeds can wreak havoc and ruin your day. In this guide, the main steps after a parking lot collision will be identified as well as the most common mistakes drivers make that they soon regret later with their wallet.

7 Steps after a Parking Lot Collision

If you get in an accident, do not stress and just follow these steps!

  1. Medical assessment

-         First things first is make sure you and everyone around you is safe. Do not move until everything is secure

  1. Take pictures

-         After it is clear that everyone is safe, document the scene. Make sure you take pictures of the entire accident and capture all damage.

  1. Move your car out of the way

-         After the scene has been documented and the evidence has been captured, move all the vehicles to safety and out of the way of other drivers.

  1. Call the police

-         Now it is time to call the police. Although the police are not required to come unless the damages exceed $2000, they may come depending on the region. It is still good to call to make sure all-important information is documented.

  1. Gather information
  2. Whether the police come or not it is critical to gather all information from the accident. This includes: name, driver’s license number, insurance information, phone number, and license plate number.
  3. Find witnesses

8.   See if any pedestrians saw the collision or there are any security cameras present. If so, we recommend to get their names and contact information in case you need them later on,

  1. Call insurance

-         At this step, you can call your insurance and report what happened. This is required if you have an agreement with your insurance provider.

  1. Call auto shop

-         It is now time to fix the problem and make sure nothing else happened to your vehicle that will cause future damage.

 Tips To Avoid a Parking Lot Collision

Follow the tips below to minimize the risk of a parking lot accident

  • Take your time and drive slow
  • Be on high alert for pedestrians, bicycles, and pets that may cut across parking lanes
  • Park farther away from the location you are going to ensure less traffic
  • Find a parking spot that allows you to pull forward and do not have to risk backing out
  • Always use your turn signals and make your intentions known to everyone in the parking lot
  • Use the end of a row, an island, or a light pole to shield your car
  • Never risk parking in a compact space if you are not driving a compact car that is made to park in a compact spot. Getting to close to the lines is asking for some type of collision
  • Never rely solely on mirrors or rear-view cameras when backing out and turn your head 180 degrees in both directions to get a full check on the environment