Eco-Friendly Collision Repair & Auto Body Work

Knockout Collision Repair works hard to do a dirty job as cleanly as possible. Our eco-friendly practices, from using lower-VOC paint to recycling unneeded parts, help minimize our impact on the environment, while you still get a beautiful looking car without hurting our beautiful planet in the process. Believe us—it’s possible to care about the environment and cars!

Lower-VOC Paint

At Knockout Collision Repair, we use lower-VOC, water-based auto paints in the process of restoring damaged cars. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are known as smog precursors, and we want to do everything we can to curb the use of toxin-containing materials that harm the environment and human health. The paint we use also has higher color percentage, so we can cover a car with fewer coats and less spraying into the air.

In addition to using water-based paint, we help the environment by maintaining other green practices, such as recycling damaged or unneeded parts made of metal, cardboard, and paper, rather than discarding them. In fact, even as our business has grown, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.